polkadot snapshot

Chain polkadot
Block height 15320672
Block hash 0x4deaf3f71562bbd5c527d4503564e7119cc6b5cde64...
Creation date 2023-04-30T18:49:58UTC
Database format RocksDb - What is this?
Pruning mode Pruned - What is this?
Compression format lz4
Version used for snapshotting 0.9.39-1-298b4aefe1b
Download link polkadot-15320672.RocksDb.tar.lz4
Size 199325072255

Verify on Polkastats - Verify on Polkascan

How to use

Issue the following command to download and unpack the archive in one step:

curl -o - -L https://dot-rocksdb.polkashots.io/polkadot-15320672.RocksDb.tar.lz4 | lz4 -c -d - | tar -x -C /home/polkadot/.local/share/polkadot/chains/polkadot

Or simply use the permalink:

curl -o - -L https://dot-rocksdb.polkashots.io/snapshot | lz4 -c -d - | tar -x -C /home/polkadot/.local/share/polkadot/chains/polkadot

Note: if applicable, replace /home/polkadot with the actual storage location.

Then run the polkadot node:

polkadot --chain=polkadot --database=RocksDb --pruning=1000

More details

About polkashots.io.

Polkadot documentation.